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    This is one of the nicest soaps I've ever used in my life. From Durban, South Africa I present this to you!

    Ease of lathering: 10/10--Explosive, rich, beautiful lather in less than thirty swirls!

    Longevity of lather: 10/10--This lather will last for as long as you want!

    General skincare: 8.5/10--Excellent. Leaves a very well-moisturized and comfortable post-shave feeling.

    Scent: 8.5/10--Much nicer than any other rosy-scented soap I've used. It's got an earthy note to it as well.

    Price: N/A--I must plead ignorance there because I have no idea! lolll

    Would I buy again: 10/10--YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's thanks to my dear friend Mo that I discovered this wonderful soap and it's also thanks to the Master Shave wetshaving group that I discovered the talent of artisans in South Africa. This is one soap which at first I was a bit unsure of because of its scent but after doing a comparison of it alongside the Klar Kabinett soap I realized that the Roseline smells MUCH more manly because it's got that earthy note in it which tones down the rosiness. It also gives some of the best lather and blade glide I've ever experienced with such good skincare!

    Jeff RVT-Roseline-Shaving-Soap-Bowl-Closed.jpg
  2. Mr Bigmem

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    North London
    Sounds right up my street. However having just had a look its going to be a mission to get any.....
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