Rex Envoy


I bought the Rex Envoy from a member here and its arrived super quick ,First shave tonight and I knew it would be good, My Ambassador is probably my favourite razor so I knew the Envoy from the same stable would be good for me ,Loaded with a Shark and using Tobs Sandlewood on a boar brush ,First shave wtg and it just sung to me second atg and I realised it's a good buy ,I agree it's like a Rex on a 3 setting ,Head shaved exactly the same way as face and realised straight away it's a keeper ,Probably didnt need it as I've the Rex but do we need most of the razors we keep , Stetson for afters and hardly any sting ,Really well made, Great weight and with that knurling you would struggle to drop it ,Do I need to look at more razors?, ,Probably not ,Will I? Probably


Great piece of kit the Envoy and totally has its place alongside your Ambassador. I have mentioned before in another post I use my Ambassador to dial back the shave over the Envoy if I want to use a Rex.
I have found I never need to dial the Ambassador any higher than what an Envoy is locked in as. For me, it just has that sweet spot for a dumb reach if one is pondering what to use that day.
I reckon most folk who buy one of either will get the other one as well, eventually. 👍