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I’ve had four of the modern SE razors that use 50mm blades Starting with the Cobra which look great but was a very poor design in my opinion and always resulted in an uncomfortable shave.

Number 2 was the stainless Mongoose which with the standard handle was too heavy for my liking so I swapped to a titanium handle which improved things no end. I was pretty convinced that this combination was the only SE razor I’d ever need.

However, I decided I wanted a dedicated kit-bag razor for use at the gym and went for the General because of the good reviews and reasonable price. It gives a good shave but perhaps not quite up to Mongoose standards.

Like a lot of you, I’ve been spending more time on line during the lockdown and decided to treat myself having read good things about the Hawk. Great service from Italian Barber - less than a week from order to delivery (Canada to UK), and I went for the 2 piece Halo Handle as this was one of the few items in stock.

Having used the razor three times with both the standard handle and my longer titanium, I have to report what a great piece of kit it is. Because the head is so much smaller and lighter than the Mongoose, it has a better balance. That angle is very intuitive right from the start and I found myself not having to worry about possible nicks - I started with a used blade but then went with a new one for the next shave. Much as I like the Mongoose, this is what they should have done to reduce weight - see photos. Anyone thinking of buying one should take my word and go ahead.


As it comes, the razor weighs 90 grams but comes in at 71 with the titanium handle. For comparison, the Mongoose is 93 grams with titanium handle so eithe combination is fine by me. I usually prefer the longer handle but will leave that on the Mongoose so that both razors way in at much the same.


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Thanks @UKRob for the review,!!
I have the Mongoose V1 (my favourite SE), the Colonial Brass and the Hawk V2 that is nice but It gives me a harsh skin feeling I dislike. It would be good if someone having already the Hawk v2 could make a comparison with the v3 plates.


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Thanks for the review! Which base plate did you order? Obviously not the OC one so it's either the basic or plate A. I would assume it's the basic but difficult to judge from the photo.


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Thanks for the review! Which base plate did you order? Obviously not the OC one so it's either the basic or plate A. I would assume it's the basic but difficult to judge from the photo.
Basic but I might also order the A plate just to see whether the extra blade gap suits me. Postage is the issue as it added $20 to the $60 razor cost. However, even at that price it's a lot cheaper than my Mongoose plus titanium handle combination.


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My OC is still stuck in Canada. :meh:

EDIT: I have to eat my words... checked again and scans show it landed in the UK today.


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Used mine for the first time today: SOTD Link

First impressions are that it's a smooth razor and I'm looking forward to using it again. I know the bomb-tip handle is a marmite product but I really like it. It helps make the razor nimble and has some grippy deep knurling on it.


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Another nice shave with the Hawk V3 today. BBS result and pairs well with the Proline. Here's the SOTD but it's more full of waffle than it is useful information regarding the razor:



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I've had a couple of shaves with the OC Hawk now.
I think it's a much better razor than the CC v1 I have. Clamp was improved - in v1, the head doesn't clamp the blade using the whole surface of the slope toward the comb, and the v3 does.
Considering how rigid the AC blades are, both feel smooth, depending on the blade used, but v1 has an issue with soap+hair build up underneath the blade that I found doesn't rinse off that well and is particularly troublesome with longer hair (bodily grooming, in particular). V3 doesn't suffer from this, though if it did, it would likely spoil the OC for me.
I'm happy with v3 so far, it's a good upgrade to v1. :)


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First run out tonight with a new Proline.
This is a very efficient razor, job done in two passes. A couple of weepers but they soon cleared up with the Speick AS. Enough blade feel, nothing too fearsome, just enough... Smooth enough too, not as smooth as my Vector, but certainly not what you could describe as rough. I think the HD handle is maybe a little short, so I'll swap that out for something longer.
But overall, very, very impressive.


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I have succumbed to RAS and recently purchased The S/S Hawk V3-OC with an HD handle [ 80mm] at 73.3 g, head =29.6 g.
The head is smaller than the V1 and for a low price SE Razor the finish is very good.
Shave Wise.
My first 4 shaves were with a Feather Proguard, as I thought being OC it might be a bit fierce. There was a nice level of blade feel and I got trouble free Shaves , but I found that with my Heavy Beard growth it took longer than normal to get an ultra close all round finish.

I decided that things might go better with an unguarded blade , so chose to use a Schick Proline.That made all the difference time wise , a much quicker Shave ensued, marred by a nick on the nostril edge, The smaller head is really good for working around the upper lip. In fact apart from yesterdays blip, the Shaves with the Proline have been satisfyingly close all round, and should be trouble free if you adopt a no pressure light touch for the Shave. Since the first Two shaves I have suffered no soreness or post Shave irritation

It might be early days, but so far I am getting better results with The Hawk V3-OC than I do with most of the AC/SEs that I have tried. This is definitely a Razor for those who enjoy AC/SE Shaving.


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not bad a finish external and internal.
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