Razorock Gamechanger

I hope I'm doing the right thing, not violating rules or whatever else here. I think that most of us could be interested.
I've just seen that Razorock will be releasing a new DE safety razor in the near future. It's called Gamechanger. Look at here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdEB3SPjvso/?hl=it&taken-by=razorock
For what I read on there, its price will be around $50. It's a CNC polished stainless steel, 316L, with a .68 gap, a medium-aggressive razor. Razorock said: 'It's a step up from the Mamba in aggression and will allow for more aggressive base plates as well'.
So, to me, it looks very similar to the Wolfman Guerrilla, but it seems to be more interesting.
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Looks a fair bit like one of them Wolfman Guerrilla razors.

EDIT: actually, more like Guerrillased Bronze Timeless. Less overhang of the top cap and more of a blade gap.
Could be interesting for $50, but I'm wondering whether it would be an improvement over the Mamba. I wish they made an OC this time around, though.
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Interesting..wonder if it will be released with the same handle the Mamba and present version of the Wunderbar . I have the old version handle which is more reminiscent of an Ikon handle.


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I have watched the video and I'm quite impressed by the the smoothness and efficiency Chris is mentioning. I also like the looks and the price. Having recently bought the Paradigm 17-4, which I find to be exceptionally smooth and efficient, I'd like to see a comparison test between the two before I buy it.
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