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Review Razor Master Toivo

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by SeanC, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. SeanC

    SeanC Legendary Member

    SE London
    I remember this being requested a while back, so here goes...

    What Is It?

    A soft (think Cella in the tub) brown soap manufactured by Razormaster in Finland. The soap comes wrapped in wax paper and is easily decanted and moulded into a Gruntal or similar container. I recommend something which gives you enough space to build a lather directly in the container (see Lathering). As it is a soft soap it does get used up quite quickly.

    The label is easily detachable from the wrapper to place on your choice of container. The soap is named after owners grandfather who worked in the tar pits.

    Ingredients: Potassium Stearate, Potassium Cocoate, Aqua, Pinus Sylvestris Wood Tar, Glycerin

    What Does It Smell Of?

    Pine tar which is a sticky material produced by the high temperature carbonization of pine wood in conditions with minimal oxygen present. A fairly unique fragrance, but I have noticed some resemblances to creosote, smoked bacon (which is probably smoked over pine chips) and my friends narrowboat which is clad in pine. I would class the fragrance as being fairly strong in that it's prominent throughout the shave, lingering slightly afterwards.

    Pine tar has also been used for treating skin conditions such as eczema, although sale as a medicinal product was banned by the US FDA due to a lack of proof of effectiveness.


    In summary 'Lots of x 3' is required to get a decent lather: water, product and elbow grease.

    I have tried face lathering and transferring the proto lather to a lathering bowl, but best by far is building a lather in the soap container.

    Firstly do not bloom this soap, apply a fair amount of water to your brush and basically just get stuck in. After a minute of so of building the lather it will start to lighten in colour from brown to almost white. At this point it will assume a close to yoghurt like texture. Basically keep going until you get there.


    Providing you have built a suitable lather it's pretty decent. Very slick indeed due to the glycerine content and the amount of water taken on board. Cushion is good without being outstanding and post shave is as good as any non tallow product; this is not a soap which dries your skin.


    Fragrance - 4/5
    Lathering - 3/5
    Glide - 5/5
    Cushion - 3/5
    Post Shave - 4/5
    Overall - 4/5



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  2. wazza

    wazza a dog got personality

    Great review. Been thinking of buying a puck myself, which I may do in the new year.
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  3. Andrimus

    Andrimus Über Member

    I have that and couple other from razormaster . They work really well for me .
    For toivo I use bay rum AS. It seems to work well.
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