Proraso Green A/S

Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by RetLEO-07, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. RetLEO-07

    RetLEO-07 Veteran

    Why no love for the Green?
    It wouldn't be
    Menthol Monday without a splash of Proraso Green Lozione Dopobarba...
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  2. I'm a fan! :thumbsup:
    Got a huge bottle in my rotation at the moment :
  3. RetLEO-07

    RetLEO-07 Veteran

    Now, that's some Green! :eek: :woot:
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  4. :thumbsup::cheers:
  5. bandito

    bandito Ex-Addict

    Also a fan - hard to beat for the price IMO
  6. Burry

    Burry Forum GOD!

    Proraso green splash is amazing. Nothing else quite like it for me.
  7. 773badger

    773badger Über Member

    Must buy the green!

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    JAYDEE Israeli Ambassador to ATG

    Montreal, Canada
    I like it too!

  9. Fidelis

    Fidelis Forum GOD!

    Frankfurt am Main
    A nice one, I use it, like it and would buy it again. Good stuff!
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  10. pimple8

    pimple8 Forum GOD!

    Zadar, Croatia
    I haven't used it in a while, I have some better aftershaves. Imho the green doesn't leave my face gentle like Fine or Clubman which are my daily drivers. I used to use Proraso every day for 6 months.
    It does refresh and moisturize though. The scent is also great, too bad it doesn't last longer. I'll have to go back to it to get a new impression of it.

    Here's an older picture of mine, using the Green!


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  11. tramal

    tramal Veteran

    I love the green as-balm on vacation..... Also the pre-shave and the shaving cream. Number 1 pick for the tropics
  12. JayGee

    JayGee Legendary Member

    South Wilts.
    Love the green splash, so much that I bought the industrial size!
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  13. pimple8

    pimple8 Forum GOD!

    Zadar, Croatia
    One thing bothers me - Proraso Green AS smells no way near Proraso green soap. :/
  14. Love it too and the large one is SO much cheaper. Even got the squeezy bulb thingy to go with it.
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  15. Rufusdog

    Rufusdog Forum GOD!

    Sorry chaps, but it’s a big disappointment for me. I like the smell, the face feel and the menthol, but the price, at least in Canada, is ridiculously high for what you get. It’s about 5 times the price of Aqua Velva Original Blue, but performs no better.
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