Proraso Green A/S


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I haven't used it in a while, I have some better aftershaves. Imho the green doesn't leave my face gentle like Fine or Clubman which are my daily drivers. I used to use Proraso every day for 6 months.
It does refresh and moisturize though. The scent is also great, too bad it doesn't last longer. I'll have to go back to it to get a new impression of it.

Here's an older picture of mine, using the Green!

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I love the green as-balm on vacation..... Also the pre-shave and the shaving cream. Number 1 pick for the tropics


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Sorry chaps, but it’s a big disappointment for me. I like the smell, the face feel and the menthol, but the price, at least in Canada, is ridiculously high for what you get. It’s about 5 times the price of Aqua Velva Original Blue, but performs no better.