Premier league 2018/2019


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Before started was thinking that will be boring year with MC dominating , bat Liverpool , Chelsea and Tottenham are going strong.
For Tottenham would be well deserved title , bat not sure how they will mange rotation. Liverpool looks like squad ready for big things with great coach.
Chelsea still need to adapt to Sarri system. So my money would be on Liverpool after MC who is afcourse still first favorite.
Whats are your thoughts? Sorry MU guys bat you are doomed this year.


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Outside the Spanish League I have always liked Liverpool. I like the team that they are building and I hope that this year they can fight for the Championship


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My lot, Wolves, have spent big and so the aim has to be a mid table finish and a decent cup run. The first three fixtures - Everton, Leicester & City - were definitely a signpost that things won’t quite be like they were in the Championship. All in all, I’m excited for the football that Nuno will have us playing for the season ahead - last weekend should have shown the league that we’re not the type of team to stick eleven behind the ball and refuse to play football.

Liverpool and Everton were my mum’s families’ teams. I do look out for Liverpool, having been to Anfield many times as a kid and a fair few of their aways. Robbie Fowler was my idol when I was a kid. Him and Del Piero - the latter thanks to Football Italia. They’re also playing some brilliant football these days and Klopp’s currently the type of positive, charismatic leader that brings fun to the game.

I don’t particularly like Neil Warnock and can’t stand Mourinho so I’m always happy to see Utd, Cardiff and Chelsea on the receiving end. Never been keen on West Ham or Leicester either - although the father-in-law has always been a big
Leicester City fan. My wife was a mascot in a couple of matches of theirs - photographs of which he got out during his speech at our wedding!

I hope that City, Liverpool and Spurs are top three (not in order) by the end of the season. In my dreams, Wolves would take the final Champions League place but that’s very unlikely! I’d rather Arsenal take it than Man Utd or Chelsea.


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Thanks for starting the thread Raso!

I can see the top 3 this year being City, Liverpool & Spurs as they are the most settled of the top 6. I would love Liverpool to win but making up a 25 point deficit to City is a big ask. On the other hand, retaining the title has been a stumbling block of late, so who knows.

Mourinho is imploding as he generally does in his 3rd season and both Chelsea and Arsenal have new managers, so I don't see them challenging for the top spot.


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Spurs to win the league, Bale to come in January with Eriksen going the opposite way.


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A fan of Liverpool, but love Tottenhams policy, not much spending, young players, especially home grown english players.

Liverpool could make it this season, great offense, solid defense. Salah is a machine, Klopp is crazy, the goalkeeper was top notch last season in Roma.

I expect Liverpool and Tottenham to be in top 3. With Man City as a big favorite for no1. Chelsea to follow them.

ManUtd will struggle a bit more, sack Mourinho, bring in a new face that won't be happy with the team and say he needs more time etc etc.
Arsenal didn't show anything to be considered a contender but will probably finish up there in the top 5 unless somebody surprises.

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Spurs to win the league, Bale to come in January with Eriksen going the opposite way.
Comedy is not your thing. Don't quit your day job just yet. :laugh:

Liverpool for the premiership. Spurs and Man City will fight it out for a distant second.


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I guess we're off to Wembley this weekend. We have to kick some arse down there and evict Tottenham's homeless squatters. :bravo:

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