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I'm off to Portugal on my jollies soon & as I've been sucked into this rabbit hole I wonder if anyone can advise of any creams to buy. I'm going to a relatively small village albeit it has a couple of big local supermarkets. Any advice on what might be available, thinking here in the UK we have Palmolive in Tesco etc



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Have a look for Lavanda Shaving Cream. I got it for €4 last summer. Its a lovely lavender cream and for the price its performance is brilliant. It comes in a pretty big tube too. I got mine in a pharmacy in Lisbon so I'm guessing its easy enough to come by.


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I was going to say Ach Brito, but that is the one Steve mentions above. Semogue, Musgo and Antiga Barbearia de Bairro are others. The latter has quite a few aftershaves and colognes, and Musgo a few too.


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Not Portuguese, however, readily available; La Toja.

The shave cream, shave stick & splash are all excellent. My stick still has the price on it 1.75 euro (from last year), very good soap.