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Northam Saint

Forum GOD!
Nobody needs to apologize for loving their pet. They are part of the family.

Cheers. He’s a lovely lad, we had him from a pup, he was local bred on a farm and has a working strain. He was the bold one who came right over to us. Woman was great, she was spoiling him with rice pudding in the mornings and scrambled egg on a Sunday !!!!

He’s never been a problem, never chewed anything he shouldn’t and had an amazing nature. You can do anything you like with him.

As with puppies they usually like a little play fight, not Fred, he loves a cuddle too much, and will go around from person to person. Brilliant guard dog, I say guard dog he lets people know he’s here. If he’s “missing” you’ll find him cuddled up with my daughter in her room. He went to stud earlier this year and we were going to have a pup. Sadly the bitch and bloke who owned the bitch were useless and one one of the five survived. Would of been great to have one of his.

I suppose with all of it he has been spoilt and loved and its reflected in his behaviour.