Phoenix & Beau LE 2017


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This is the hard thing Nick. I honestly could not give you something very similar. When you have experienced apple shisha I am looking to emulate that light smoke but with a sour apple. Traditionally red hot coconut shells were used instead of coal to give a cleaner flavour and when in a shisha room the oud is also prevalent so a mix of all these elements. I have sent Kerry samples if Prof Blighty Grapewood, providing an example of maximum 'sweetness', TF Oud Wood oil by PP and a couple of others I think.
I can envisage it now! Takes me back to the shisha patio instantly.

Right gentleman, I'm going to have to let you all down and draw a line under Scimitar. I'm not getting close enough to Avnish's brief and if I'm not happy with it, it won't go out.

Sorry to let you all down.

@Nishy what is Badedas, please?

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Understood, and I commend your resolve to getting a product 110% and not releasing something you're unhappy with :) The mark of a true artisan :)


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Have no idea what Badedas smells like but I'm still in
It's absolutely gorgeous, easily available too. I thought it could be a massive YMMV thing so I sent a bottle to each of the mods about a month back. They all liked it :) For me it's the best thing to wake up to when showering with it or as a relaxing bath additive. It comes out as a jelly so careful when pouring/squeezing it out. Scent strength is monstrous, on the same level as Encre Noire.