Phoenix Artisan Acc.


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What is your preferite scent?
Recently I bought gondolier ck-6 version, great performance, protection and post!!!
I suggest you ck-6...but in Europe is not available!


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Haven't tried the CK6 formula yet but i like their previous formula as well. It performs great.
My favorite is CAD, a very masculine, clean barbershop scent.
Also I like the Clubguy and Good vibrations!

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CAD and Cavendish for me. Cavendish is a smokey woods and Cherry Tobacco/ Vanilla scent and my favourite of PAA that I have tried.
It's not as good as P&B's Spitfire scent, however..lovely soap..I must get a full tub at some point.


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Malboge has the same scent of Stirling barbershop... fantastic soap !
I want new Paa John Frum...
What did you just said???? Are you sure??

Cause I'm waiting that Barbershop from Stirling.. And if this statement is for real, then I hit the jack pot!