Penile shaving spiel come give me some tips

Is that sugaring? Good stuff useful for tidying up one's "butt beard" ... If one feels so inclined. There are self sugaring videos on Youtube where some brave woman demonstrates it on her downstairs, careful though its very much NSFW as nothing is left to the imagination :eek: Naturally I persevered and watched it in the interest of science.
Lord knows but I think some YT research is in order!

Lord Fatboy

Forgo Mud !
You may have misunderstood what ATG stands for, literally and figuratively.

Once again reminded of a similar conversation started at TSR.... After the Op there was the internet equivalent of a shocked silence, then Billie chimed in with...

'You f*cking bender'
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Dr. Evil:
There’s nothing quite like a shorn scrotum. It’s breathtaking, really. I suggest you try it yourself.

Simple answer: Trim the region first and then apply a pre-shave oil and shave (try a Phillip's One blade) or just use a hair removal cream.

Either way be cautious and stretch that skin :)