Pedal Pushers Fancies


Forum GOD!
I was going through a box stuffed with shaving stuff looking for something that I didn’t need and for the life of me I can’t remember. When I came upon Pedal Pushers Fancies/Oakmoss and Sage (this soap came in 2 sizes this soap pictured below is the large), as I remembered it, what a wonderful soap.

Now comes the next thing, this soap needs to be used, needs a brush to bring it alive. So, this morning I lathered up a Brad Sears badger filled my face with wonderful lather (Fancies loads like a dream) used a Jaws with a Wizamet Polsilver and had a wonderful shave. Cushion, glide, with a very invigorating post feel. Now just because something is new does always mean that everything before it is now obsolete. This soap may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure isn’t lacking from pizazz.

There are some people who remember back when that one of the owners of Fancies said and did some pretty stupid things (the owners later started Phoenix Shaving/PAA), I do not judge their product because of their stupidity. I will judge the soap on its own merits, and I must say this soap still holds up to scrutiny and passes with flying colors.