Paradigm Diamondback (Formerly Javelin)

Not sure if anyone's posted about this razor (it's not released yet)
But thought I would let anyone know who is interested. Soon be released the Paradigm shaveware "Javelin" DE safety razor.

It is reputed to be a more efficient offering and the picture below is a prototype and handle may possibly change.
It is polished 303 SS AFAIK.

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When it's available as head only and in OC I'll start getting interested.... 112g is too heavy for me - needs to be under 100g. I don't want to accumulate handles I don't use - I only really use titanium handles these days.
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Doubt it, small quantities, higher cost, so far anyway
It was the use of the 303 stainless steel which triggered that idea. Thinking back I believe he’s used stainless steel for prototype’s so I guess the official ones will be made in titanium with a run of 10, circa $400?

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My humble opinion? More efficient then for instance a CG level 3 while still feeling rather mild (if you use a "normal" angle the shave is less comfortable, steep works a lot better at least for me).
I have not shaved with a CG razor, but from what I've read the Lvl 3 is fairly aggressive. For the Javelin to shave at that level of aggression and still be mild, that says something. When will this razor be available?