P&B Islay Noir Group buy

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  • Soap & matching splash

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  • Just a soap now leave me fekkin alone

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We are proud to provide our members with another group buy, in conjunction with P&B (@phoenixandbeau). The soap is based on two favourites; chocolate and whisky.

Direct from the maker:
'Islay-Noir' in order to reflect it's malt / peaty / sweet undertones.

I don't need to tell you guys how good a soap base P&B offers as well as excellent customer service.

Kerry is cooking a test sample as we speak so we are still in the early stages. Price, labelling and reviews will follow on this thread. For now we are just looking to get a rough idea of numbers. We respect that it would be subject to final price etc. So if interested please add your name below:

1. @Nishy


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1. @Nishy
2. @halvor

Should make for an excellent scent — and the base is a well known performer :woot:

Edit: what I’d like to see is Kerry straying a little from his core scent base (that of Obsidian and the other deep and dark ones) toward a slightly sweeter one, getting some of that caramel one may find in whisky. Thoughts?
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Sounds interesting if it is possible to sample scent, deep and dark and mature and not overly sweet would do it for me
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Scent is not my thing so not in but nice to see another P&B group buy. Is the soap base going to be the usual tallow or their new vegan one Nishy?