November Acquisitions


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The replacement tuxedo from Yaqi. I think it has the same high glue bump. You tell me..
Tried it tonight after I washed it with some dish detergent.

Now, that is a nice brush. The backbone is there, but nothing serious, I have seen worse.
There is a difference comparing with the defected brush I initially received, the glue bump is much lower, the brush splays nicely, it holds its shape (I mean, it is a Tuxedo) and the lather release is your typical synthetic, does not steal lather at all, a very good brush. Splays better than my Sagrada Familia because of the higher loft. 24mm is the sweet spot for me. A winner, and the handle is so well built but light & easy to hold.


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M50 dual lens kit (the standard 15-45 lens plus the wonderful compact 22mm prime).
White/silver restricted production edition.
Two Sandisk SD cards as gift (16Gb + 32Gb) together with a Canon small carry case.
$740 at the Shinsegae Duty Free in Busan, South Korea.


I mean, why not.


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A trip to Bath and the Molton Brown ship. Then a drop in to Taunton and TKMax where on the shelf was my favourite Clinique offering at £14.99.
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Came home to Dr Bronners Castile Soap. A nice Almond hit. A good travelling soap, but, look at no 5 !!!!!
:thumbsdown: Don't brush your teeth with soap...I use Bronner's Peppermint soap as a preshave often. Excellent stuff. I wish I could find the Tea Tree and Almond locally.