November Acquisitions


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How is it Rob?
I couldn’t describe the scent. What I would say from the Fougère colognes I’ve tried they come across manly and rugged if you catch my drift?
Fougère D’Argent is smoother, a lot smoother and extremely well blended, as you would expect for the price. It does smell similar to other Fougères but I haven’t come across one this classy.
Worthing trying a sample or trying in store.

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Mr Parcelforce Santa today brought a package from YourShaving in Spain with the following

Who's going to be a scrubby little beast? Why you are you sexy little unbleached Zenith boar. (thanks @Missoni for making me aware they were stocking them)

A few splashes as well, both to be presents.

And a few packets of blades


FTR - The Silver Blues are single wrapped, come with 2 glue spots and are printed/not etched. I presume they are a batch between double wrapped and the laser etched ones.