Nivea men body shaving anti irritation stick


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Spotted these In Sainsbury's earlier for £4. Just had a quick look and it's available in Superdrug at £2.98. Anybody tried it? Not necessarily "body" area. Nice easy to use packing with a twist up bottom.


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I'm waiting for one, should be here by Friday.
Then I'll be able to post comments.
However, for £4 I'd have easily grabbed one. I paid £10 to have mine delivered from the Netherlands, ordered through eBay in Germany.


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I got one here ten minutes ago (£5.29).
Just did a test lather with the Omega No. 83 S-Brush.
Lather is thin, explodes from the very beginning due to the SLS contained therein, personally I don't expect something spectacular.
Rubbed the stick briefly into my palm, I think it needed more, but with regards to cushion and glide we'll have to do a real shave.

So at least as far as I am concerned the picture is not complete as yet. Will revert with more as soon as I shave with it.


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The scent is quite synthetic, 100% for summer, sharp elements of sea salt and minor citrusy notes.
I did another test lather late last night, loaded the Omega No. 48 boar directly from the stick this time.

Good performance, not in par of course with a good artisan soap, but for the occasional trip (business or leisure) away from base, this new product is more than good enough. 75ml stick, I've left it open as the scent is very punchy and synthetic (to my nose at least).

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Crazy. Its still a new product with ongoing television and internet advertisements and yet its in the bargain bin already :giggle:

If it has flopped then I blame the pricing, your average bloke will buy a can of gel for around £1 and that will last what, 6 weeks? Depending how often he shaves. They were asking £3-£4 for this stick, way too much considering Nivea is a low end brand... Stick a picture of David Beckham on it and try again :p:


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Its okay, TBH a Palmolive stick for 50p is much better.

I found as a preshave soap it adds a little slickness & gets to work on the beard as I strop/prepare. For 20p I'd buy a second, but wouldn't clear the shelf.