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Discussion in 'ATG Cafe' started by MPF9, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. MPF9

    MPF9 Forum GOD!

    Maidstone kent
    Hi Gentlemen.
    Like many of you I have been missing Posts by Gordy,especially his out and about SOTD photos, showing off the wonderful scenery near his Home.

    Regrettably a number of years ago he sustained severe injuries to his Spine and Knees, which he normally manages with medication. From time to time the pain is so bad that he is unable to carry out normal activities which include shaving. He is aware a number of people have been trying to contact him, and he has asked me to assure that you are not being ignored, and that when he is well enough he will be return to Shaving, and participate in Forum activities.

    I am sure that that those who know him, wish him a speedy recovery. He would appreciate it ,if you would not try to contact him by PM, as he is not well enough to make replies and does not wish to seem rude.

    Mike B
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  2. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Cheers for the update Mike, if your reading this Gordy, best wishes for a quick recovery! Hope that bleedin' mail man doesn't announce your incoming brushes :wink:
  3. wazza

    wazza a dog got personality

    I was wondering where his great SOTD photos were.
    Thanks for the update and hope you heal up quickly Gordy.
  4. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

    Thanks for the update and a speedy recovery to you @Gordy !!
  5. Nico1970

    Nico1970 Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Godspeed in your recovery @Gordy :)
  6. Redd

    Redd A Right Member

    Get well soon fella @Gordy
  7. chrisbd

    chrisbd Forum GOD!

    Hampshire, UK
    Thanks very much for the update, like everyone else, I'd been wondering about his absence.

    @Gordy, if you read this I hope you're feeling better soon.

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  8. Shaun

    Shaun Guest

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  9. Dipesh

    Dipesh Forum GOD! Staff Member

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  10. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    We did wonder where he was!
    Thanks for the update Mike @MPF9 and GWS @Gordy
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  11. Uncle Bertie

    Uncle Bertie Legendary Member

    All the very best @Gordy.
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  12. SeanC

    SeanC Legendary Member

    SE London
    Having witnessed my late father suffer terribly with his back following an industrial accident, I just hope things turn around for you quickly @Gordy
  13. dowsing

    dowsing Legendary Member

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  14. Gairdner

    Gairdner Legendary Member

    Great Britain
    Wondered where the good chap had gotten to. God speed your recovery, Gordy! Your a damn fine bloke and sorely missed round these here parts.
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  15. pjgh

    pjgh Forum GOD!

    Halifax, UK
    Godspeed @Gordy ... go easy.
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