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  1. pearse85

    pearse85 Active Member

    hi folks,
    Recently took the plunge after suffering years of abuse at the hands of gilette, mach 3, fusion, etc.

    Razor burn, sensitivity, i hated shaving.

    Took the plunge after speaking to a gentleman in work, went for my starter kit of;

    Edwin jagger de89
    Proraso shaving soaps green/white
    Proraso brush
    Feather, personna blades (prefer the feather)

    Wow, what a difference!!

    Little did i know though that it would create an addiction and endless ogling of razors, creams, soaps etc lol

    Just bought the fitjar fjeillheim soap to try, also looking a silvertip badger brush if anyone cares to recommend.

    What shaving soaps would be similar to the fitjar? I like fresh scents.

  2. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Welcome to ATG. Great start with the Fitjar. As well as choice on Fjellheim. Sounds like you have a great setup already.

    Silvertip brushes are challenging to navigate, lots to research needed and an understanding of your preferences. Such as backbone, tip feel and density. Price soon becomes secondary :)
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  3. pearse85

    pearse85 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    Would you recommend a more user friendly brush?

    Heading straight down the rabbit hole it seems haha
  4. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    In all honesty I am the rabbit and I rent out my own hole :) I started with a Proraso boar and Omega silvertip 3 band. They were polar opposites in feel. From this I went to the Vulfix 404 mixed badger and boar. Finally I have settled on high end 2 band silvertips that provide plenty of backbone/resistance and soft individual bristle feel.
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  5. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    Welcome to ATG.

    Like Nishy says, best have a dabble in the cheaper brushes. Try a soft silvertip, try a 2band badger (Cheap enough on Maggards, or MS) and also try Boar and Synthetics. Try and buy 2nd hand in order to reduce the costs. I bought lots of silvertips early on but just find them floppy.

    Ask for opinions in the brush section and try and work your way through!

    Enjoy your adventure!
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  6. Welcome!!! :welcome::wave:

    Be careful, the rabbit hole is large and full of temptations. I think Oscar Wilde said it best: " We live in age where unnecessary things are our only necessities".
    Good luck!
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  7. Pat-W

    Pat-W Forum GOD!

    Hello Pearse, welcome to ATG.
  8. Wilga

    Wilga Veteran

    G’day and welcome
  9. celestino

    celestino Forum GOD!

  10. ceekee

    ceekee Forum GOD!

    Welcome to ATG
  11. Stircrazy

    Stircrazy Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome :)
  12. Gasman

    Gasman Über Member

    Welcome. Brushes are a personnal thing. We all like what we like. My favorite is a cheep knot i put in a handle. But if you want to go crazy a Shavemac is a great way to go. Its going to cost ya.
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  13. Quique

    Quique Forum GOD!

    Welcome to ATG Pearse
  14. JayGee

    JayGee Forum GOD!

    South Wilts.
    Welcome to ATG

    You have a great setup already, a new brush won't be any better as such, it can be very different. TBH a modern synthetic is hard to beat. Brushes are very subjective and small batch artisan is very nice, but, to get the best from that you need to know a bit more about what you like. A bit like wandering into a shoe shop, "I'd like the best, please" coming out with a pair of hand stitched patent leather dress shoes that cost a month's salary, fabulous, whether they are the best depends on many other factors.
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  15. Blademonkey

    Blademonkey Forum GOD!

    Welcome to the rabbit hole that is ATG :) P.
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