New SE model coming out from Rocnel - and it has magnets


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Trust Rocnel to do things just a little bit different - and what a relief, in a way, it is to see something that is not 'another Mongoose'. In a way I don't even think the most important thing here is if the razor shaves well or not - it's that there is continued development and slightly different ways of building a better mousetrap.
Sure, I'd love for it to shave well but I also hope that it's the sign of companies trying out new and different designs - if nothing else because it's fun.

What's the SE50N?
The Rocnel SE50 is, I think, a really good razor but there were some design choices that alienated a number of people - the rather unique blade loading and the almost oversized (and heavy head).

The SE50N, apparently, tries to address both of those concerns as the new razor sports a significantly slimmer head and a blade loading mechanism that uses magnets (the 'N' in SE50N stands for Neodymium magnets).

Manufacturing process: CNC machining
Material: 316 Stainless steel and Neodyum magnets
Weight: 81gr
Blade: AC style SE blades
Availability: June, 2017
Price: TBD

Here's a video showing the difference between the current SE50 - and future SE50N - and also how the blade is intended to be loaded.
Personally I'm loving the creativity here.

Some still photos of the prototype (one thing to finalize is how to encase the magnets in the head) - of the razor;

Some photos to further show the difference between the current SE50 - and the upcoming SE50N:

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The handle must be very slippery if you need rubber gloves to handle the razor.
And it uses the wrong SE blades. Again! :rolleyes:
I've come to understand from youtube videos, where people were asked why they were wearing gloves in videos, that they do if they think their hands could be 'distracting' to the viewers. Apparently especially if they work as machinists, etc where their hands might be a tad rough.
Personally I couldn't care less but I can understand the interest in avoiding a thread to be more about their hands than the product.


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Nice idea. I do personally prefer a more physical clamp on the blade though.

Are they the people who have the $300 adjustable?