New Resin Offerings


Forum GOD!
For your consideration, Nancy and I have negotiated with the manufacturer of our Acrylic resins for a special/bespoke run of Golden Orange and Ocean Mist acrylic resin blanks large enough to make every brush in our catalog, whereas before, we were limited to 25-26mm. We are also now offering the Clear resin with the hammered silver-inlaid ferrule as well.

You may view all our resin offerings on this page of our website.

Golden_Orange Acrylic Sample.jpg


Thank you for your time. It is our privilege to be of service!

Brad & Nancy (and, of course, Gus)

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Forum GOD!
Shame you don't do handles only with the shipping restrictions to the uk
Great minds, Gentlemen! Nancy and I were just talking about the same thing.

First off, all our handle styles are available as Morris & Forndran brushes, which Lee can ship world-wide without those nasty U.S. Fish & Wildlife restrictions.

Secondly, we are happy to create the BSSW "single-resin" handles without our imprint as a "handle-only" option. That said:
  1. We cannot offer Morris & Forndran handles without Morris & Forndran knots. To do so would violate our agreement with Lee; so please don't ask.
  2. We are working on adding handle-only options to our BSSW handles, which we hope to have done by late next week. In the meantime, feel free to use our Contact Form to let us know what you're interested in. (Please: no PM's or requests on this page as we don't always get email notifications.)
  3. You are responsible for ordering the right-sized handle. Handles are not returnable if your knot doesn't fit. We drill our sockets true-to-size (that is: a 26mm handle has a 26mm diameter socket, etc.) Standard sockets are approximately 25mm deep. (You may however request a shallower socket depth, if desired. Again, you are responsible for getting the depth right.)
Hope this helps.