New razor "Occam's Razor" on Kickstarter

Discussion in 'Single Edge Safety Razors (SE)' started by Darkbulb, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

    Thought this could be interesting to share. Sorry if it has been mentioned already.

    Does it remind anyone else of the OneBlade? :)

    Within 20 hours they got about 60% of their funding ask.

    Lowest price is $79 for a razor.


    Video showing blade loading and removal:

    Shave demonstration video:
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  2. bakerbarber

    bakerbarber Forum GOD!


    Thanks. I hadn't heard of this.

    The handle is retarded. Really stupid looking.
  3. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

    Yeah I'm not quite sure I see the design reason behind that look.
    @mantic59 might post an interesting write-up already tomorrow over on Sharpologist.
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  4. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

    There are a couple of things that makes me less enthusiastic about this razor;

    a) The extraction/insertion tool.
    To require a proprietary tool to load/remove blades is, to me, a really poor idea. I know myself well enough that I'm sure that tool would be lost w/in a few weeks. Sure the early Rocnel SEs basically required you to have fingernails to remove/load a blade but this is taking it one step further.

    b) The handle design
    The design is similar to the OneBlade but where the OneBlade sports a very sleek, modern "complete" look..this handle seems 'unfinished' and a bit crude. I don't understand the open end of the handle. I can only assume that it was left that way as otherwise it would be too much like a OneBlade design copy. It's also hard, for me, to imagine that these thin metal bars will be very comfortable to hold while shaving.

    Unless something significant changes I think this is a 'pass' for me.
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  5. Len

    Len Forum GOD!

    I always like to see more safety razors on the market, as it means traditional style wet shaving is growing, which will mean ever more options, products, innovation, and price competition for us.

    The design does seem to copy the OneBlade (which I love!) in many respects, but not in the ways that matter to me. I, like @Darkbulb , am not too enthusiastic about this particular razor, but for different reasons than he is.

    For example, I really like the blade key idea, and it seems very easy to both load and remove the blade. (Just always remember to store the key with the razor when not in use, and it shouldn't get lost.)

    Like the OneBlade, this is a 1 piece design, and I appreciate the simplicity of that. Not too many razors are 1 piece.

    The handle I both like and dislike. Aesthetically, it is ugly as hell (whereas the OneBlade aesthetics are beautiful!), but it has a hollowed out center like the OneBlade. The hollowed out center is a brilliant design copy, because, it both provides an excellent natural grip, and more importantly, stainless steel is a very heavy metal. By hollowing out the center, you still get the solid strength of stainless steel, as well as removing so much unnecessary weight many of the modern razors have. The way I see it, the heavier the razor the less nimble the razor, which equates to less control. OneBlade, and by extension, Occam's Razor solve this weight issue.

    Unlike the OneBlade, there's no pivoting head, so there is that, for better or worse depending upon your preference. (Worse, for me, as I find a pivoting head adds 'forgiveness' to a razor that other safety razors don't have.)

    And finally, unlike the OneBlade, we see yet another SE razor that takes the extra wide shavette type AC blades. While AC blades are certainly good quality blades, they were designed to be used in Feather's disposable straight razor system, not in a safety razor. AC blades in a safety razor are like putting a machete against your face. Way too wide in a safety razor head, it is just too much metal on the face, which further means less nimbleness and control moving around the various contours of the face. In a safety razor, the width of a DE blade, an injector blade, a cartridge blade(s), or GEM width SE blade is the ideal width. I'm an SE guy for many reasons, and the OneBlade remains the only SE razor in production that takes GEM width SE type blades, and unfortunately, we have another bandwagon razor maker further flooding the market with the too wide AC SE blades. (How about a couple more injectors guys, or even more courageously, some razors that take the GEM PTFE or Feather FHS! Ugh...)
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  6. Dipesh

    Dipesh Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Sold by men with beards. Lol.
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  7. Mr Bigmem

    Mr Bigmem Forum GOD!

    North London
    Wow it does look like the Oneblade. And I think that was not a coincidence. So I do like most of the form factor. But i really don't like the split handle. From a basic engineering and industrial design perspective it will cause 2 single points of pressure in the hand at the tips if held at a certain angel or way. Now I know not all people hold a razor the same way so it will only effect some but that could include me, so without using one I don't want to risk it. And then my second reason for Not liking it, the tool, I feel the same as @Darkbulb has said i'll loose it and then what? In my head this could have been the new pivoting head injector the market has been waiting for, @Len makes a very good point about feather artist style blades and width and that plus to load of this razor I feel would have been a winner had they used the key load from an injector and included another form of pivot. Now ok I know this is sounding like a Oneblade injector copy but i'm talking about evolution. The head design in my head would look similar to a skeletal injector with some form of pivot. Then my friends you'd take advantage of large number of blades still made for injectors. Keep the head smaller, my hawk has shown me feather artist blades are great blades to shave with but the length I feel works better IMO held in a shavette or knife style handle; the injector is a real sweet pro for me in the length, size and shave. They would have got buy in from all the injector fans and kept an evolution going.
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  8. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    There is a lot I like about that, but so much I don't. I can't watch the blade loading video, as I've got no 3/4g, but it looks like a ball ache. Why can't the blades be injected ffs? The handle is copied from the one blade and made different, hideous and uncomfortable looking. The corners of the head look sharp and pointy? That will never sell in volume, the mark 2 or 3 version maybe...
  9. Redd

    Redd A Right Member

    Surely the name is incorrect, by definition Occam's Razor would be a Kamisori - just 1 single piece of metal:okay:

    BTW completely agree with @Darkbulb, needing a separate tool to load a blade - rubbish idea!
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