New player in the DE world. Karve Shaving Company.

Discussion in 'Double Edge Safety Razors (DE)' started by Str8Mug, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Str8Mug

    Str8Mug Forum GOD!

    NorthEast, USA
    Just stumbled across this earlier today. Never heard of them until this morning. The Karve Shaving Company. They are producing an all brass DE razor with multiple plate guards from mild to a more aggressive shave feel. Optional guards and handle sizes to suit a shavers particular style. Very interesting. Looks like upstart companies are trying to capitalize on the wet shaving boom and trying to get in on the market. I'm keeping a close eye on this one. Looks like it might have some potential.

    All pics and info are directly from their website....


    The Christopher Bradley razor is a classic double edge safety razor that will provide a smooth shave and years of service. All aspects of manufacture are meticulously controlled to provide consistent performance and clean aesthetics.

    Most notably, the handle is decorated with a pattern that is inspired by the centuries-old guilloche technique commonly used in watch making. The pattern is cut into the body of the handle, instead of formed, which ensures that all of the edges of the pattern are smooth and clean, while still providing plenty of friction for wet fingers.

    The razor is available with any one of 5 different solid bar guards, each with increasing aggressiveness, to tailor you shave to you face and style. Optional guards, sold separately.

    The entire razor is constructed from solid brass and is bead blasted for a subtle matte finish. As is the case with all uncoated brass items, a patina will form over time and the surfaces will darken.

    The razor is complete and only requires a blade to be ready to use.

    The handle is available in 3", 3.5", and 4" lengths to suit your style. All handles employ a #10-32 thread.

    95g x 83mm long / 110g x 98mm long / 120g x 108mm

    100% Made in Canada

    Please specify which guard you want when you go through the checkout. They are AA (least aggressive), A, B, C, and D (most aggressive). B is a great guard for a mild shave or for beginners. If you're not sure which guard you want, I will be confirming each order before they go out and you can still change your mind then.

    Please note, shipping is expected for December 11. Razors will be shipped on a first come-first serve basis. If at any point before your razor ships, you decide that you don't want to wait any more, please contact us for a refund and we'll be happy to provide it, no questions asked.

    Here is the link to their website:
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  2. R181

    R181 Grumpy old man

    Looks good at first glance. That said, I am getting a little blasé about new DE razors being introduced. Like there aren't enough in the market place, new or vintage, that will do a more than adequate job of shaving. Still I hope they are successful in their efforts.

    Love the term "guilloche technique" rather than cut checkering using an old fashioned knurling tool. Regardless, in most cases it does provide a better gripping surface than impressed checkering.

  3. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    That looks lovely. The blades are clamped very close to the cutting edge so it should be held very rigidly, which I think leads to a better shave. Shame it's brass though. It'll have that funny smell when warm. Any links to the seller's website?
  4. Str8Mug

    Str8Mug Forum GOD!

    NorthEast, USA
    Link attached to the first post, very bottom.
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  5. carbold

    carbold Carlo

    Surrey not many pics though, I’d like to see the underside of the top cap
  6. Conservator

    Conservator Guru

    It looks nice - but I do not plan to buy any more razors. I wish they would be more specific as to what makes the different guards (seems to be baseplates) more aggressive. I assume the gap will differ but did not find specifics on how much, if any, is the variance.
  7. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    Thank you. Am I going blind and missed this or did you add it later?
  8. Martini

    Martini Veteran

    Valley of Roses
    Is there any information on blade gap for the different guards? I didn't find any.
  9. Str8Mug

    Str8Mug Forum GOD!

    NorthEast, USA
    Just added them as per your request and my oversight my good man....:watching:
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  10. Wayne

    Wayne Forum Sod

    I like the look of it although AA, A, B, C etc doesn't provide enough info to choose the plate you want, it's a bit of a leap of faith until we get a reference point. I also do not like the wet brass smell or the fact it will dull and form a patina. I'd get sick of polishing it. Nice effort but just needs a little better marketing for experienced wet shavers.
  11. R181

    R181 Grumpy old man

    Yea, standing morning watch cured me of ever loving brass. :happy:

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  12. chris.hale

    chris.hale Forum GOD!

    Cumbria, England
    I agree that it would be more useful if they posted a comparison to other razors to give an indication of the aggression.

    I like the all-brass construction but would be getting it plated.
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  13. Holyzeus

    Holyzeus TSR reject

    $109CAD for a 108mm long handled one is appealing but not much info or pictures
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  14. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    Hmm, I like it... I'd like to know a little more about the aggression though.
    Like has already been said what does AA-D equate to?
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  15. kypros

    kypros Forum GOD!

    Let me see reviews, then I'll consider it. Which plate? No reference. Are we supposed to get all of them and return the ones that don't work on us?
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