New Mühle stainless steel razor 'Rocca'

Hello gents,

Need your help to kill this RAD around the Karve Vs. Rocca. I tried to find some comparisons but it seems that there aren’t any. Just comments from people who gave up on the Rocca completely for Karve or just couldn’t get used to Karve and kept the Rocca (not so many cases).
For the last period (since my last posts in here) Rocca has been serving me extremely well. I guess I have improved my technique a lot and now I get daily shaves with no irritations and, above that, extremely close.

My questions are :
- Should I invest in a Karve SS ( Don’t know the plate yet - D-OC ?)
- should I invest in a straight razor and move to the next level? Keep learning new things?

Please help a fellow out


I’ve got both Rocca and Karve OC-D, SB-E also used the OC-C for a while.

Karve is a better instrument than Rocca in many ways. Your less likely to cut yourself with Karve even on high plates due to rigid blade.

I think Rocca would have been up there if it had better blade support. It chatters a lot especially if you got though beard. It’s still a joy to use but I do nick myself every now and then with Rocca especially when I go XTG.

Rocca gives me very close shave, in Karve I got close shave similar to Rocca on OC-D plate. SB-E wasn’t as close as the OC-D in my case. I tried it several times.

Also OC-C plate didn’t give a close shave as much as the Rocca did. I think OC-D plate is great for someone who shaves every other day. I shave about every 3-4 days.
Thank you all for the useful info, I just signed up for the Karve SS waiting list. If you know about any comparison between the two that's out there online, let us know! I'm still interested, before I spend again money on my RAD.
Not sure how long the waiting period is, I opted for the plate D OC and SB and hopefully I'll enjoy their smoothness and efficiency.
Meanwhile it seems that I can't find in any other razor that I own (Progress, Fatboy, Slim, DE89, 34C, X3, vintage Merkur in bakelite, ) the efficiency of the Rocca. I get a very DFS, close to BBS (not focused on it any more).
One strange thing about the Rocca, in my case, is that it seems to wear out blades very fast - 1 max. 2 shaves out of a Perma-sharp? or GSB? I can't use a Feather twice, it seems dull at the second shave.
I use it as daily shaver and I have 1 week now with no irritation on my neck, although sometimes if I exaggerate with the number of passes or touch-ups, I get nasty ingrowns.