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well it’s time to move away from company car due cost and my son starting school this year so my wife will need to use it too.

Any recommendations for good family car to serve 2 adults, 5yo and 3yo.

Thinking up to £7k or take finance for used from dealer up to £15k

VW Passat estate
VW Tiguan

Must be automatic gearbox due my disability.

Opinions welcome
As a family car we’ve just put spaceship miles on an auto box Merc C Class without it missing a beat.
A quick look shows that whilst at the top end of your budget, a Merc C Class, BMW 3 series, Jag XE can all be had within your budget and all are not only great family cars but also drivers too. I’ve had extensive use of all 3 and would honestly recommend any of them.
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We have a auto tiguan. Great motor, plenty of space in boot and back seats for little ones and dog.
Switched over from a auto bmw wasn't a bad car but not enough space in the back.

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We’ve had a Yeti for two years now. Great car for getting in and out of if you’re mobility is effected. Look out for ex lease cars loaded with extras. They announced its replacement two years ago and models had £2,500 or so of optional extras added. As it’s a bit higher you get a good view around you. The back seats are on rails so you can increase the boot space, as well as being able to 60:40 both sides of the back seats.

Another vote for the Yeti. We have had ours for 3 years and it's done everything that's been asked of it.

Highly recommended and will be a bargain just now as NS has said.



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How about a Kia Soul? Pretty funky-looking and practical if not sexy. I heard, however, that the 2019 model will only be available as an electric in the UK.