If you are in th UK and have Netflix, could you please tell me if the Star Wars film 'Solo' is available to watch?

Thanks for your assistance,


Fozzie Bear

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Hi Chris,

I’m in the Rep. of Ireland and don’t see it as an option to watch...presume Ireland/UK have similar copyright coverage, at least until Brexit!.

Fozzie Bear

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Chris looks like it’s a no. See below: You will have to move to the States!. Rogue one is currently on Netflix Ireland but that’s it.

Netflix UK Release Date
We’re not entirely sure whether the UK will be getting the new Star Wars story. Sky picks up the immediate streaming rights and then usually drops them around 2 years after the movie has been out. Should Netflix UK pick up Rogue One in 2018, you can expect Solo to arrive on Netflix UK in 2020.
With the exception of Rogue One I’ve found everything post ROTJ to be massively disappointing.
Chris agrees with Chris. All these side dishes they are coming up with can’t compete with the three originals. They may be more effect laden, but it all happens too fast for these old eyeballs ... and I’m not going to watch it in slow motion. Not on your nelly!