Pass Around Natural Ireland - Bronze Award Winning - UK Freefrom SkinCare Awards 2017- Shaving Soap


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At the recent UK Free-From Skincare Awards 2017.
Natural Ireland
soap won the Bronze Award in Men's Grooming products and I am delighted to say
that I have Several Tins of their shaving soap for this pass around.
Which is available to all members of the ATG, no matter what continent your on.

The FreeFrom Skin Care Awards are designed to celebrate and encourage skincare and cosmetics manufacturers who create products that exclude many of the allergens, chemicals, fragrances and artificial additives associated with skin and health concerns, ethical and environmental worries, and which may appeal to those looking for purer or more natural cosmetics and products for their skin, including those with problem skin conditions.

These soaps are all natural handmade shaving soaps are the result of meticulous research and development. Irish Stout & Seaweed Shaving Soap is a semi solid, luxury lathering, skin friendly soap. It has been carefully formulated to produce a fine, cushioning and long-lasting lather which is naturally moisturising for the skin. This superior lather is best applied using a shaving brush.

Gentle skin care ingredients

Coconut Oil provides gentle cleansing while Cocoa Butter and Vegetable Glycerine leave the skin conditioned and smooth. Our soap range is scented with a luxurious blend of pure essential oils. With the added benefits of pure essential oils and seaweed, this premium shaving soap is a treat your skin.

These shaving soap creates a superior dense lather which protects the skin during shaving. The all natural ingredients make it a highly moisturising soap which is a treat for sensitive skin. This soap deliver 90-120 shaves per product

Handmade in Small Batches

This exclusive shaving soap is handmade in Ireland. All our shaving soaps are handmade in small batches using a hot soap making process. They are then left to mature for 10 days. After this maturing period, the soap is more concentrated and ready for transfer to our high quality aluminium container.

These soaps come in a 70g tin of Irish Stout and Seaweed,

a 70g tin of Seaweed

a 70g tin of Natural Shaving soap.

There aren't that many Irish soap companies who's shaving soap products are as highly rated as this
small company's are.Here is a link to their site
As I said, this is Pass Around is available to Europe, UK, USA and in between.
So if you are interested just say so.
Many thanks

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Wouldn't mind trying it? Could be handier for the passaround if I paid you to post a small amount to me?