MWF Can you lather it?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Wayne, Aug 12, 2018.


Can you lather it

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Wayne

    Wayne Forum Sod

    Simple question requiring a simple Yes/No answer
  2. RandySp

    RandySp The Shave Man

    Didn't try with hot water Whatever I did I end up with a frothy layer.
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  3. MPH

    MPH Forum GOD!

    Nope. I think I nearly got a decent lather on one occasion, but had many fails.

    Would never buy it again.
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  4. Thug

    Thug Forum GOD!

    Johannesburg, RSA
    Yes, every time.

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  5. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson The Other James

    West Sussex
    Old faithful I call it.

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  6. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    Lovely. I had a puck that would lather up no problem and then the replacement puck was hopeless or I’d lost my MWF mojo...
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  7. celestino

    celestino Forum GOD!

    I have never had a problem with it as I load heavily and take my time building the lather. It takes a bit longer than most soaps, but it is just fine.
    Nonetheless, I don't use it as I have never enjoyed the synthetic scent emanating from it and there are just too many other great soaps to choose from.
  8. Pat-W

    Pat-W Legendary Member

    A big “FAT” yes
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  9. RandySp

    RandySp The Shave Man


    Wow that is what I called a lather. This is the lather I expect from a soap.

    Now sir Watson, is it possible to upload a video with the exact procedure? I would be thankful to see what you are doing.
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  10. Grarea

    Grarea Forum Plod

    Good poll Wayne.
    I am a yes too.
    Although, not sure I get it as good as Dr Watson.
    Mind you I face lather, so don't know actually........
    *carries on mumbling to himself as he wanders off vaguely..............*
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  11. churchilllafemme

    churchilllafemme Forum GOD!

    Burien, WA
    Like Celestino, I haven't had any problem lathering it. Perhaps it has to do with the qualities (hardness level?) of the water in our area of the world.
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  12. pjgh

    pjgh Forum GOD!

    Halifax, UK
    Yes, with absolutely no issues whatsoever whatever the condition, new, old, dried, cracked; whatever water, hard, soft, cold, hot; whatever brush.
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  13. RandySp

    RandySp The Shave Man

    Then I must doing something wrong..
  14. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson The Other James

    West Sussex
    No chance of a video presently I'm afraid, might be in a position to do things like that when I move house later in the year though! Can't say I've ever put much thought into lathering the fat, just trial and error initially until I found what worked best for me...

    • Bloom the puck for as long as you can
    • Load it like you hate it for 30-45 seconds with a damp brush (holding approximately 50% of it water capacity)
    • Move to building lather on face, dipping the brush tips in water as I go until the lather is the right consistency has a nice sheen

    I would say if your lather is thin, bubbly or dissipating then you either have too much water or not enough soap in the mix.
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  15. chris.hale

    chris.hale Forum GOD!

    Cumbria, England
    Never failed with it, the lather's excellent every time.
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