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Forum GOD!
Tonight we had the Local Round Table Santa on his Sleigh. They come around every year all across the town and collect tens of thousand all for local charities all over a two week period. Every year it rains as it is doing tonight poor buggers.

We always go out and cough up a couple of quid. What really gets me is my neighbours, that’s next door and three houses across the way. They always lock up for the night turn off the lights and pretend to be out ! Miserable gits ! Let’s hope their kids don’t rely on the kids charities and organisations they give to ! My Scout groups benefit for a start. They aren’t hard up, nice cars on the drive, even if it’s a few coppers !!!



Forum Plod
I decided earlier this year that not everything could be fixed with club hammers and so started soldering.
I have now decided that this typing malarky might be here to stay as a means of communication.
I think it is time I learnt to type whilst looking at the screen instead of prodding away at my keyboard.
Lesson one fjffj jfffj jfjfjf .....
Are you proud of me?