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I’m looking to draw upon the collective wisdom.

I’m regularly finding myself going backwards and forwards to the shed for handtools for extensive yet undemanding jobs.

I ‘edc’ a Victorinox SAK (Waiter - mainly for the corkscrew!) and it gets near-enough daily use but isn’t quite up to task. I need pliers, wire stripper, reliable screwdriver etc. It’ll get a fair bit of beating.

Basically, what’s good and what should be avoided?
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I've had a leatherman wingman for years. I snapped the tip of the blade through miss use but not had any faults with it. Gets used daily.


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Best I’ve found for daily carry is the Leatherman Juice range as unlike the larger ones they don’t have locking blades.


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Definitely a Leatherman, mine lives in the pouch on my belt all the time.
I once showed up at the airport to take a flight with only carry on luggage. The detector picked it up, I had forgotten it was still on my belt. They confiscated it, I was gutted and I had to buy another one, it comes in so handy..

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I’ve a Leatherman and a Swiss Tool as well as a Gerber. Forget the Gerber from the start, build just isn’t as good as the other too.

Leatherman have an excellent warranty and they stand by it very well. I had one where the scissors spring broke. Sent it back and a couple of days later a brand new one arrived.

For quality though it’s the Swiss Tool. I’ve had mine for years and it’s as good as new.