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Used helmets are a risk I wouldn't take
Over on a Harley site, the youngsters give me stuff for only having one helmet. I bought it the year the commie state told us we had to wear them.
That was 1896. I still have that same bucket. The trick is not to get your head hit. It was a half skid lid. So in 2014 I bought a new Japanese made half skid lid. Just to shut them us. a good $35 investment.

Oh no they said, you have to have a full face helmet or you will die. To which I replied, its been since 1986, and Im still here. Now its 2020 and Im still here.

The only way to get a good fit, is to go down and try them all one. I have a scorpion full face I bought for my other half. Its been worn twice by her, and once by me. Id give away, but not sell it, fore its 20 years old now, so most likely something has deteriorated.
While the 1986 just keeps on going.

Since 2006, Ive been hit twice, rear ended both times. Once was at over 60 mph! No dents on me or the bucket.
I guess thats what happens when you ride your entire life. Some day I get hit, just not today.