Monolith grinder, the Wolfman of the coffee world

Just looked this up..thought it was a telescope..congratulations on your achievement..I have a Rhino hand grinder and a cheap electric one at home.
Will you be doing a "pass around " with it, Carlo? :laugh:


Wow, nice Carlo. Did you have the option to pick flat burrs?
Yes, they do 2 types of flat grinders. However I’m into medium and mostly dark roasts, and for these coffee conical burrs seem to work better. I had a large 83mm flat and my current conical (Niche Zero) gives better flavours...probably small differences I guess


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Still with the large flat burr Mazzer Major ..... not likely to change. Larger burrs do seem to taste better. Not tried conicals.


This Monolith comes with 71mm Mazzer conical. Quite large ones considering they are conical. But the good thing for me is the single dosing and nearly zero retention 😎


So I‘m not the only shaving/coffee nut. Comforting to know...

edit: Bezzera BB005 over here, the cheapest serious grinder according to what I read a while back
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I managed to win the Monolith lottery last night and snapped a conical. Out of stock in about 1 minute!
I’m happy but other than my wife I don’t know who to share my twisted sense of achievement with...

WTF is it?