[Mods help!] Can't login with primary account

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Deleted BavarianBrewer

Hi Avnish & Co.

I'm usually going by @LithiumDawn

As of Tuesday afternoon, I can't login anymore. The frontpage loads up, I enter my credentials, and then the site loads into infinity, until I get either a timeout or just a blank page. When this happens, I can't even load the frontpage for like 30 minutes until it works again.

I've tried everything I could think of: PC, Mobile, iPad, different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Safari, Aloha), different VPN locations...even on Tapatalk it doesn't load.

I created this 2nd account to try and contact you, and when I log in with that, everything works perfectly.

Please help me!!

Deleted BavarianBrewer

Tried a password reset already, I assume?
No. Will try, hold on.

Won't work. All I get is this...again...

2019-04-11 09_22_05-Window.png

I presume it has something to do with my account in general, as i.e. changing my location or IP doesn't help and I can login with the new account no problem.
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Hiya we have contacted our server to see if they can help. But haven't heard anything back as of yet.