Maquire's Barbershop . Not fulfilling orders - or responding to messages. Beware.

Discussion in 'General Shaving' started by DevonStan, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. DevonStan

    DevonStan Guru

    West Country UK
    They seem to be speaking elsewhere about Maquire's Barbershop online shaving supplies site and not necessarily in the best possible light.

    The Maquire's website doesn't have a phone seems to expect you to subscribe to social media...and I don't. Other would be purchasers have suggested that the place might be worth avoiding due to non arrival of orders and unwillingness to legitimately fulfill refunds.

    Are the contributors to the other place mistaken or is it really not a good place to order from?

    Would seem a shame as the range of stuff available looks quite enticing. But not if it's not going to actually arrive.
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  2. wazza

    wazza a dog got personality

    I'm assuming you saw the thread on TSR? If not then it seems like a place to avoid.
    I've seen their range but never ordered from them, more reliable vendors online.
  3. Optometrist

    Optometrist Forum GOD!

    I can only speak from personal experience, but I have made several purchases from them over the past couple of years, and all transactions were faultless. I seem to recall a phone number being on the invoices, although looking at their website, all contact is now via email/social media, it would seem.
  4. bandito

    bandito Ex-Addict

    Avoid. At best they're hit and miss, which really isn't good enough.
  5. DevonStan

    DevonStan Guru

    West Country UK

    I'm comparing that sort of reputed service with that of others who go out of their way to reply so promptly. Some of them who we all know about are in Russia and the USA etc and manage to reply and deliver the goods in good time.
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  6. I don't want to slate them unnecessarily for their service..if they have a legitimate reason...but the lack of response/concern about customer's orders is very poor in my book..given that there are so many excellent UK vendors who (from my personal experience) go above and beyond with their customer service.
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  7. DevonStan

    DevonStan Guru

    West Country UK
    As has been noted elsewhere today, they failed to respond to a fellow member and PayPal had to step in and give a refund.

    Strikes me that any future bad publicity they may receive is justified if they refuse to correspond with people they have let down... for whatever reason. No matter how dire their position a quick email takes no time at all. Everyone knows that people have problems... it's how they're dealt with that counts in my book. Just to take people's money and send them nothing then ignore any correspondence thereafter is not good.
  8. DevonStan

    DevonStan Guru

    West Country UK
    It looks as though they're on ebay (since 4th Jan 2015), and Amazon too .... both under under a different name: The Original.Shaving Company. Feedback on Amazon looks OK. On Ebay there's one complainant out of 153 who left neg. feedback who says he can't get hold of them. The rest are positive.

    A mixed bag then.

    I can't make it out, why do they treat people like they have done in the instances given here, by members who aren't in the habit of mis-stating the case, and risk getting a bad name and losing orders among members? And yet seem to have performed OK for Ebay and Amazon customers.
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