Making a Murderer (Netflix)


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Is anyone else watching this? We've just finished the second season. The whole case seems dodgy and I don't think it would have stood up at all if not for the (possibly coerced) confession.


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Just finished watching season 2 episode 6 so no spoilers please!

Binged the 1st season last year when we heard about it and hooked on this one.

Clearly he's been framed, and the number of conspirators is enormous.


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I watched it quite a while ago. It was infuriating at times. So many things didn’t seem to match up, and yet they kept pressing forward.

After watching the entire series, I read one or two related articles on Wikipedia. I would recommend doing that, if just to gain some more information and viewpoints. In any case, it’s clear that the U.S. justice system is far from perfect.

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Just finished binging series 2...bloody marvelous. Steven Avery's new solicitor seems absolutely determined! It's been said above; there are so many problems with this case. I've got a particular dislike of some of the police and state officials! The system just seems wrong. Look forward to a third series :okay: