Low vs High Structure soaps?


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Someone enlighten me, please!? Gooey is low, fluffy is high? I’m trying to get my head around why one is low and the other high...


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From the man who originated the term himself:
"...lather that will hold its shape (high structure, like what you get from MdC) vs lather that's too soft and heavy to hold its shape and is thus more like meringue or marshmallow fluff. "


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Excelsior gives low structure lather with more loading and more whip by adding water. The volume is low, the density if you overload, can clog the razor and never break down even with tons of water.

Southern Witchcrafts gives tons of luxurious lather with high volume and peaks that covers the person shaving next to you.

If you ask me, all this low & high structure, is utter bshit.
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