Looking for some advice with regards to a car

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes, Trucks & Vans' started by jonmaddock, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. jonmaddock

    jonmaddock Forum GOD!

    Evening all

    Looking at getting a f30 BMW 320d 180bhp estate

    Does any one have any experience?

    Looking for running costs...issues ? That sort of thing, coming from my GTi this car seems to tick the boxes as being economic and also has a good turn of pace, oh and big enough for a family etc

    Thanks in advance

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  2. les24preludes

    les24preludes Über Member

    Have you thought of a Lexus? It's always been the 3 Series alternative.
  3. jonmaddock

    jonmaddock Forum GOD!

    Basically it has to be

    Reasonably nippy

    Cheap on tax £130ish

    That's all my needs so far and BMW seems to tick... I'll check Lexus too

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  4. Burgundy

    Burgundy Forum GOD!

    I’m vaguely after something similar so will keep tabs on this thread. I was thinking Mondeo Mk 4.5...
  5. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Been a happy long term BMW owner but the last has come with its problems. Apart from the obvious regular MOT and service, keep an eye out for cracked alloys, especially if running run flats. Common issue. Usually have mine re-welded (£40/crack) as opposed to going for a new alloy (I have had 4 in the last 6 years). I have a 57 plate 320 (not estate), which has also had many recalls. Battery terminal issues are also another problem and a recall has been issued for this.
  6. jonmaddock

    jonmaddock Forum GOD!

    Nothing in my budget Lexus wise

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  7. jonmaddock

    jonmaddock Forum GOD!

    Thanks for the advice, coming from my GTi I sort of need to grow up.. and get more economically friendly and also space for a family..

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  8. ScOtt

    ScOtt Forum GOD!

    Stockton on Tees
    I've just got rid of my bmw as we didn't think it was big enough for a family, small in the back and no leg room for middle passengers. Stuck on the drive when it snows aswell.
  9. MntnMan62

    MntnMan62 Über Member

    New Jersey
    I don't own a BMW but when I bought my Audi A6 I was considering a BMW 535i Xdrive. My neighbor who is a die hard BMW fan with 3 of them has said that has last two have had issues and that reliability and fit and finish have suffered recently. I found the two cars drove very similarly. I bought the Audi based upon the fact that Audi has actually resolved it's reliability issues and that i prefer the cockpit in the Audi. It was a close call but the Audi won out. That was about 6 years ago and I haven't been disappointed. Another neighbor had purchased a used BMW 7 series and had tons of problems with it. He got rid of it and had nothing good to say about it. That all said, BMWs are good cars. But in this nuanced world, it seems BMW is going through some issues right now that you my wish to consider when making your decision as to what to buy. Good luck.
  10. Eeyore

    Eeyore Forum GOD!

    Maybe not what you are looking for, but in terms of space (passengers and boot) it's hard to beat the Skoda Octavia or Superb.
  11. jonmaddock

    jonmaddock Forum GOD!

    Well dad has a Jetta diesel and I like that

    I look at them I must admit

    Short listed to a few really
    BMW as above
    Saab 93

    Then sort of size estates

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  12. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    Wouldn't touch a BMW, my dad spends more time at the garage with it, than he has it home. I'm a VAG man though, so I could only recommend them. I currently drive 2011 Passat Estate 140TDI, easily mapped to 180BHP if you wish or you could get the 170TDI and map it 200+
    Audi, you will pay more for.
    Skoda Octavia/Superb VRS - great cars for less than VW/Audi, although the gap is closing.
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  13. jonmaddock

    jonmaddock Forum GOD!

    VAG myself mate... Fancied a change.. maybe not ? Drive a Edition 30 as we speak and dad has a Jetta with same engine as your Passat, have also considered Tiguans/Passat's.. grew up with VW just fancied these BMW's, food for thought I think

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  14. Northam Saint

    Northam Saint Forum GOD!

    We e had a Skoda Yeti for nearly two years, not a single problem or fault. Great car, comfy, loads of space.

    Just ordered an new Octavia Estate to replace it.
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  15. jonmaddock

    jonmaddock Forum GOD!

    More and more I look

    Skoda Octavia vrs estate 180bhp diesel looks tidy

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