Links to live auctions.....


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Here are some guidelines to posting links to live auctions, ie eBay and Etsy


A) It's NOT OK to post links to auctions (that take bids - not a "Buy It Now") - The exception to this rule would be when posting an advert in the BST area, then you are required to inform the forum the item(s) is being offered somewhere else.

B) It is OK to post links to auctions with just a "Buy It Now" price. When possible, try to place the link in the correct thread. For instance, if you stumble on a bargain then the link should go on the "Found a bargain.....". However, If you are trying to help a member source a razor for instance then the logical thing to do is to post the link in the thread where the question was asked.

C) It is OK to post links to products on sale at other sites like Etsy, Bonanza, etc?