Completed Le père Lucien - travel soap


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Yesterday I saw in a SOTD a soap which called back it things ... , my madeleinde de Proust....the travel stick made by Le Père Lucien some times ago ... 4 years!
It is a small puck which I bring in my travels, I wet my face, put the put on my skin (keep calm boys, I m not Emily Ratajowsky) and zou FL with a soft brush (taqi synthetic or Thater silvertip). Very practical. Good lather. Great scent, wood, pine.
I threw on the french set shaving forum a petition yesterday in order to obliging oups Cyril do it again
He is OK. Great news for me. He ll use an old soap, 4 years, very hard, to cut small square sticks, 50g,.
I asked him if the members of ATG could buy it. He said Yes.

For the price, not very expansive for the stick... shipping cost dépend ,.. shipping in padded enveloppe, no tracking, worldwide.

As soon as I have the price I' ll give you

So who wants the travel stick by Le pere Lucien?

1. @54gasp , 2 sticks. FRANCE.


Forum GOD!
6gbp / 7 euros, UK, Europe, USA, etc....
1 stick, shipping included
French forum, 30 sticks are ordered.
I asked to Cyril when it will be closed and how much sticks are available.


Forum GOD!
Stick arrived, including a nice LPLsticker. Don't know how it smells yet, am having a bit of a cold. Will try it later this week.