Lathering Mystic Water.


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I actually found a Chubby 2 Super the best brush to use, and as other have said - load it until you think the brush can take no more and then do it again.


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Anyone could tell me the shipping price for a single tub for Greece? Not the refill, the full tub..

After seeing this lather from Merkur Man, I am obsessed. And it is not difficult for me at all to be obsessed with a soap..!


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According to my emails, the last time I ordered a single tub from Michelle was in 2015 and shipping to the UK was $12.75.

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Gordy, MW is an excellent soap for some and not others. It's an incredibly slick soap and post shave is about as good as it gets. But the lack of coconut oil in the formulation which affords it this greatness is also its downside to ease of lathering, especially in harder water. MW soaps work brilliantly, the softer the water.
The trick with MW is to load your brush, heavily, starting out with more of a drier brush than a soaking wet one. Water should be added slowly to the mix. It's also a soap that loves paintbrush strokes of the brush to build it. Michelle, the owner of MW products, has recently added sodium citrate, a chelating agent, to assist lather building.
If this doesn't work, then your only other option is to emigrate to Vancouver where Celestino lives.:roflmao:
This :okay: And be patient.
Michelle's base still keeps up with the best.


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Anywhere i can see ingredient list for poggio dei pini?
Her ingredients' list are pretty much all the same with differing FOs and EOs. The only exception is Sensitive Skin which doesn't contain any lanolin, FOs or EOs.
Poggio dei Pini is a fresh dry shrub/pine scent. It is quite lovely. However, if you need to know which FOs were used, in case you have allergies, then you'll have to contact Michelle, directly.


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It is obvious that I'm out, this is insane.. Soap itself costs 14$.

And here is Michelle's answer:

The cost of sending items to Greece by 1st class international post, varies according to weight. 1st class postage does not include tracking, but is generally quite reliable. Each package is accompanied by a numbered Customs Declaration and that number can tell us when the package has been scanned so we know when it enters your country and passes into the local postal service for delivery.

A package that weighs less than 8 oz costs $14.50 to send, for example: a small padded envelope containing a shaving soap refill or tub of soap, or up to three "sets" of samples (a set is three half ounce samples, so thee sets would be nine samples total).

A package weighing between 8.1 oz and 2 pounds would cost $24.50 to send. In a box of that size, I could put up to six refill pucks of soap, or three tubs of soap plus one refill, or three tubs of soap and a lot of samples, or many other combinations of products. After two pounds, the shipping cost increases with each additional pound or increment of a pound.

If you give me a list of what you would like to buy, I can do a trial packing to see how much it weighs and then I can advise you if there is extra weight allowance, or if you are over the expected weight. When you are satisfied that the order is correct, I'll send an invoice that can be paid online with a credit or debit card (as well as Paypal).

I hope that answers your question, but I'm happy to be of help if you think of anything else.

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I don’t think it’s insane. It’s just inconvenient. Yes, it would be nice for the foreign hobbyist if Michelle sold via wholesalers. But she doesn’t and her product doesn’t suffer for it.