Pass Around Lather Bros. El Caballero Bay Rum Shaving Soap


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First shave with the El Caballero Bay last night. [emoji846]

I've used a couple other Lather Bros soaps before and have found them to be great performers. This soap is no exception. It lathers easily and gives great levels of cushion and glide.

The best thing about this soap, though, is the scent. It's heavenly. The description of Bay Rum toned down with Coconut and Fig is totally accurate. I'd add a hint of Lime into into the scent description as I can certainly detect some. It's truly awesome. [emoji41]

My next shave with this soap will be tomorrow, as I'm looking forward to pairing it with the Timeless I have coming as a Christmas present, hence I'm having a shave free day today. [emoji846]

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I managed to grab a quick shave tonight (even though I wasn't originally planning to) and gave the El Caballero a second outing.

I love this soap. It's the best scent of Lather Bros soaps I've used so far and it's a shame that it's no longer in production.

Shaving Time have, though, arranged for Lather Bros to manufacture a clone of it called Broadside and, based upon the sample I have, it smells very similar to El Caballero. I think you can guess what my next purchase is going to be. [emoji41]

I've my two shaves with this wonderful soap and am ready to pass it on to Lee (@Rowlers).

Many thanks to @Gordy for organising the pass round and, of course, to Dave at Shaving Time for providing the soap itself.

Have a great Christmas guys. [emoji846]

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This is truly great soap... Even after this first use, it is super slick, super cushioned, the scent is one of the nicest I have smelled...
Can't wait to try it again.
Can I keep it?