Kiridashi Knives at Japanese Razor


Kamisori shaver
I found these the other day. They look fascinating. A little scary, but great. No idea what you would use them for.

I am quite intrigued by kamisori but I can’t imagine I’d get a better shave from them than my traditional straight - while I’m happy with my technique, I think my sharpening skills are fairly limited, meaning a straight shave is always slightly inferior to a DE one. A kamisori would be worse again due to their one-sidedness. While the idea of shaving with a mini samurai sword is cool, I can’t help but shake the impression that these are a primitive historical relic.

Sorry - I appreciate that this is somewhat off topic!


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Not at all, I agree with what you have said.
I love the simplicity of it all.
I am struggling with stropping so have had to put my kamisori on hold for a bit.


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Also, yup, I would love one but can't think of an excuse to get one.
I think he is looking to increase his range.

Zhang Doe

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Looked at the kamisori section. Really nice stuff. I'm too scared to make the jump, though. At some point I would like to get one of these traditional types, just to try and maybe display ... they are that amazing looking.