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Seeing as there seems to be plenty of readers in the what are we reading thread I was wondering how many used kindles or similar e-readers?

What are people's opinions on the kindle? I'm considering one at the minute.


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I have a Kindle paperwhite, it's great. I have the Kindle app on my iPad too, but the Kindle is far better for reading on, it's much like reading actual print. I also like that you can buy books and download them instantly. I wouldn't be without mine.

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I have a Voyager, and I just got an Oasis today. I love the Oasis -- it's much lighter and the battery lasts for a couple of months with the charging cover.


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I have the second (if memory serves well) Kindle version and a Paperwhite as well.
Chose the Paperwhite WiFi over the Voyager when purchasing in early 2015.

I have the Kindle app in all my tablets and desktop PCs.

However, I do not use the Kindles so much. I still prefer a real book over the Kindle.
This does not, of course, mean I may not get an Oasis at some stage.

Was looking at that "reMarkable" two days ago.
What's the feeling on this? It does ePub and pdf's....


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The holding a real book is what's putting me off a little. Also I have a fair number of books tbh so rebuying them all in kindle format would cost me a fortune.

Thanks for the opinions so far.


I read my mags on my 10.1 Samsung tablet but for night reading I use the Kindle Oasis. The lighting is better and because it isn't backlit it doesn't keep you awake.

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Kindle app for iPad for books. Readly app for mags. I really recommend Readly a bargain at £7.99 a month for up to five users on one account. SWMBO uses it too on my account.


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I love hard copy books, and I have a plethora of them to prove it. I have a kindle voyager and though it took some getting used to, I have begun to read more on it than when I first got it. Quite nice and battery life is decent. The advantage of having a virtual library in a small package. I have so many 'real' books now that storage is a problem.

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I have about 50 Folio Society books, mainly revolving around ancient history, and P.G. Wodehouse. I love books, but some of them get quite large and heavy; The Histories by Herodotus jumps to mind, as does the The Annals by Tacitus, and don't even get me started on the Jeeves and Wooster chronicles! These tomes require the musculature of a 30 year-old to hold for an extended read. I have a mere 68 books on my Kindles, and they don't weigh me down at all. :)


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Is the paperwhite kindle do much better than the basic model to justify the extra expense with the light it has? I doubt think I'd be reading in the dark workout a light anyway.
When I moved in with my ex before my first daughter was born I had to downsize drastically; cue the loss of half a VW Transporter's worth of books (literally over half way up the sides). So the ex bought me a Kindle Keyboard and I started rebuilding, fortunately I discovered Calibre and allowed myself to replace many of my books. I was sceptical at first "it's not the same as a real book" etc. I read an old favourite on it for my first ebook and lost myself in it completely.

I'm on to a Paperwhite now and my sister still uses the Keyboard, I mostly don't miss holding an actual book in my hands. The story/information is what interests me far more than the medium. The fact you can add dictionaries for other languages is just class, never mind having a whole bookcase worth of books in your pocket when you go on holiday.

Another advantage at my age is the ability to change the font size, make it bold, increase the lighting and so on. Less eye strain is good.

I did save all my old (vintage?) hardbacks of course so I can sniff them whilst I read the Kindle...