Karve SS and Feathers.


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I recently bought a new SS Karve with #C and #D plates (SB although I normally like OC razors). 3½" handle.
As I'm getting older I thought that one day I may have to just go with SB's (rough, buggered skin), so I'm going more for SB now than OC.
Anyway, my usuals are the NEW SC or the Timeless .68 OC, or bung a blade in the Piccolo OC for a change now and then.
Enter the Feathers...I usually get 3 good shaves with the Feathers and that's it.
With the Karve, using either plate, I easily get 5 good clean sharp shaves.
'Something' about the Karve's geometry maybe?
Does it hold the blade at a more optimum angle (or maybe it's just me holding the Karve at the better angle)?
The Timeless certainly clamps the blade rigidly, and the NEW SC is no slouch either so I don't think it's a blade clamping issue between the razors.
I have settled on the #D plate as it's a smooth and close shaver.
Will be shave number 6 tomorrow. The blade is letting me know that's a tad tired, but I want to try that 6th shave to see how it holds up.
Any other Karve owners noticed better blade life compared to other razors?


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I only have a few shaves under the belt with my new Karve SS. Started with the D plate and now im on to the E plate with an F on the way. Once I find my sweet spot with efficiency and blade feel I’ll pay closer attention to blade life. Overall so far though I do believe it’s a quality razor. Unfortunately the C plate I ordered I don’t think will ever see the light of day as I found the D a bit too mild for me. I’ll be sure to try some Feathers and get back to you.


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Thanks @Marcos be good to see your thoughts.
I wasn't sure what plates I wanted so went for safety! The #C and #D were a safe bet.
After a week with the #C I went to the #D and quite happy with that. Will have to try an #E one day.
I did try the Timeless .95 OC but liked the smoothness of the .68 OC instead. Sold the .95 but might have to try a .95 SB (or scalloped) plate one day too.
It could just be that the Karve suits the Feather, and may be rubbish with some other blades.
I'll keep on experimenting too.