Karve or Rockwell 6C/S?


Thinking about purchasing one of these .. What would you guys recommend?
I work better with very mild/mild razors and I think both would be viable options.
For the Karve, what would the AA plate be comparable to ?


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The 6C will give you a very good idea of what the 6S is like at much less cost. I am sure the Karve is a nice razor but if you get the plate wrong then where do you go other than a downward spiral of money until you get the plate that suits? OK, I am biased as I love the 6S but you could get a second hand 6C, as above, for comparatively very little money and have 6 relatively mild blade gaps to choose from.


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I have a 6C which I don't use, first because the handle disintegrated and then because I prefer all my open comb razors from vintage Gillettes to Fatip and R41. I wouldn't buy the 6S because the handle isn't one of my favourites, don't like the shape or the knurling, and it's too heavy. The point of the Rockwell is the six baseplates and you get those with the 6C. If the handle goes, get a better one.

I like the Karve approach more - much nicer looking and the plates are all available separately, which they're not on the Rockwell. And there's an open comb option being beta tested right now. So I'd buy into the Karve system myself, except I'd wait for the open comb plates before buying. In the meantime I'd be happy with a Fatip or a vintage Gillette.


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Same as Shaun, I’ve had 2 Rockwell’s and they are not as good as the Karve.

I also really like mild razors. I have the B and D plate. My daily is the B plate. I consider the B quite mild, and think the A plates would just be too mild. I’d really recommend the B plate.

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If you just need mild you dont need the 6S/C. Maybe a 2C with plates 1/3 is enough.

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I've no experience of Karve but the Rockwell on plate 3 is a great mild daily shaver. The 2C to try it out is a good suggestion.


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I own both the Karve and Rockwell 6S and both are wonderful shavers. I slightly prefer the Rockwell though. At comparable baseplates, Karve offers bigger blade gap while Rockwell has more blade exposure. Both are smooth but Rockwell offers a bit more blade feel, which I prefer. Also, Rockwell has a bulkier and heavier head which might or might not be your preference. Karve is prettier though.

Also, I feel the Rockwell handle is near perfect in regards to weight, balance, and knurling. It may not be the prettiest but it's one of the most practical. A clear case of YMMV.

You can't go wrong with either one, both are considered best in their price range and even above.


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I've had all three. If I had to choose one of them then it would be the 6C. The Chrome plating makes the glide smoother than the 6S and even though it is Stainless the 6S is bead blasted so it doesn't look all that.
I agree that if you buy a Karve and get the plate wrong you will have to buy another or maybe two before you get it right for you.
6C is a very safe bet.


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I've had both, you can't go wrong with either. I'd select the Karve, it has better finishing and will give you a more refined and intuitive shave. The C plate was perfect for me.


I have both the Karve and the 6S, and for me both are very good razors that work really well. Primarily, I used the 6S with a #3 plate, (started with #1 - 2), and use both the B & C plates with the Karve. I found the A plate to be too mild; it was smooth but I kept getting irritation.
The advantage with the 6S is that it is a complete package, as someone mentioned. Also some people seem to not like that the current Karve is made of brass.
Oddly, I have been using the Karve for the last 1 1/2 months and have forgotten about everythi9ng else.;-)


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Have the 6c (soon to be sold on), 6s and the Karve C & E on loan.
The Karve is beautifully finished, the 6S is industrial, the 6c is nicely finished - along the lines of Edwin Jagger.
The Karve E I found a little too much blade feel, but only one shave in. The C plate is very good and I can imagine the D being perfect for me.
I prefer the shave from the 6s, but I've had much more time with it. I could get to love the Karve too, but I need it in Aluminium or Stainless as I'm not a fan of brass..