JRR Tolkien - New Book - Beren and Luthien

Discussion in 'Arts, Literature & Photography' started by wazza, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. wazza

    wazza a dog got personality

    For any Tolkien fans out there. A new book has been released, which has been put together/edited by his son, Christopher. Was unaware of it till it got released yesterday, so other fans may be also.
    Won't be reading it just yet as I'm currently on a book, but I can not wait to start.

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  2. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Sounds interesting! Read the Hobbit 4 Times now, superb book.
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  3. wazza

    wazza a dog got personality

    Yeah I've read a few times now, started as a kid, then LOTR, read twice. Can't wait till my son is old enough to enjoy them.
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  4. sɐǝɹpu∀

    sɐǝɹpu∀ riverrun

    The Lord of the rings was the first English language book I ever read as an eleven year old kid in Germany. It was in three volumes and I had one volume in one coat pocket and an English-German dictionary in the other. Took me a year to finish it. Afterwards I was second best in my English class (best was a kid who grew up in the US until the age of 10). I must have read it half a dozen times in my teens and thought it was the best thing since pulped wood. I listened to it as an audio book recently and found the first part good, the second part and parts of the third a bit boring (too many battles?) - the Hobbit is still excellent. How things change. I'm not going to read the new one. :p:
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  5. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Why not Andreas? Or have I misunderstood sarcasm again.
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  6. wazza

    wazza a dog got personality

    Its the best book to start off with then! A great read. I've not read it for years! I think I started to reread it in my early 20's but never finished it off.
    Maybe I should have a listen to the audio books. I have got the hobbit on cassette some where.
    Well if you're not going to read it, then I'll update you weekly haha.
  7. sɐǝɹpu∀

    sɐǝɹpu∀ riverrun

    I've lost my enthusiasm for Tolkien. Even in my youth I found The Silmarillion boring beyond belief and this is probably more of the same. I don't like the bits without hobbits (anymore) :D
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  8. halvor

    halvor Esquire

    ...Norway :D

    I was surprised when seeing the thread title as I was damn sure that John Ronald had been in his grave for years. Is this a full manuscript found or what's the deal?
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  9. wazza

    wazza a dog got personality

    I think its peiced together by his son, from different work, unfinnished stuff. Not sure if much has been made up by him.
  10. KAV

    KAV Well-Known Member

    I grew up with Tolkien. I do feel his son has made a career ( and no little money since the various rights were sold for a pittance) scraping together odd fragments to an ever eager audience for another few moments in Middle Earth. I never understood his motivation for writing what is heavily influenced by
    Saxon mythology as an English national epic since they didn't have one. HUH? King Arthur? A prof in University claimed that was Welsh. I said no, they have the Mabinogean and the countless historical and literary layers of Arthur are British. He was Lace Curtain Irish-American and didn't even know what the Tain Bo Culliagh was-the twit. You can understand a lot about a people reading their national epics. I am slogging through the Shah Nameh of Persia which makes the Iliad and War and Peace combined read like a Mickey Spillane novel.
    I'll probably buy this latest, if only for another churchwarden pipefull in Middle Earth.

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  11. Wayne

    Wayne Forum Sod

    I will buy and read it. I too read the books several times and enjoyed all the films immensely.. I have a nice collection of Polystone busts of the characters from the films in my living room. A nice talking point. I did get through The Silmarillion, some of the stories were really good some a bit of a slog but I enjoyed it. I'm sure Christopher his son has put together books before. I'm lucky in that I'm not too far from Meanwood Park in Leeds where Tolkien would walk while a lecturer at Leeds University. I believe he got his inspiration from the Words In a hole in the ground lived a Hobbit from a Rabbitt hole he saw whilst walking there.
  12. KAV

    KAV Well-Known Member

    It's fascinating to learn the little seeds of inspiration that create classics. I was reading a biography of Antoine de Saint-Exupery and a memoir by his Wife. He was quoted from a diary about his brother passing in childhood and it was word for word for the death of the Little Prince. Consuelo was The Rose and his planet volcanos reference to her native Nicaragua. James Hilton took a chance encounter in our High Sierras snow with a 'party of strange people' and the Prestor John myth to create Lost Horizons. They must have been, living amongst my fellow Californians I have inspiration for stories almost daily just going out.
  13. Ventriss

    Ventriss Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up as I was also unaware of this!
  14. RandySp

    RandySp Über Member

    At first, when reading the title I read
    "RR Tolkien - New Book - Peren and Lucien"

    Aaahhh...Wet shaving addiction....Don't bother gentlemen...Please keep going on....Randy's getting nuts...
  15. Tzimisce

    Tzimisce Über Member

    A Tolkien fan, but I don't like the way his children/grandchildren take advantage of his work.
    I don't think that he would approve it.
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