Jara y Sedal


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There is a veteran program on Spanish television called "Jara y Sedal" which deals with hunting and fishing.

Today was about a father who goes trout fishing with his daughter.

So far nothing special, but the fisherman is one of the historical members of Foroafeitado Josetxo aka "du212" and his daughter gives him a beautiful brush made by ElDruida. Both stories are intertwined and we can see part of the creation of the brush

All this is magnificently linked by the editor of the program, another well-known member of the shaving forums.

All shot in the beautiful landscapes of Irati Forest. Although it is in Spanish, you can look for ElDruida and the brush (min 09:00) because it is a beautiful surprise

By the way in the min 22:08 the editor of the program appears, also scriptwriter and narrator. I have the luck to know him, great person and a very valuable member of the shaving forums

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