Completed Jabonman ATG LE group buy complete


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Just paid mate, sorry for the delay haven't been around much.

Probably have to sell mine on as I lost my sense of smell and taste around 4 weeks back and no sign of it returning :(


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Never mind I send over the money just now with the message information as you requested. Thanks for this, Avenish!

What's crazy, is I just completed a group buy for Razor and Brush FB group, and just ordered about €1200 worth of soaps for about 25 people from Manuel. He was great during the whole process. Can't wait to try them!


Forum GOD!
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As fate would have it...My sense of taste and smell are returning. Went for dinner yesterday and the taste of roast beef...Ohhh baby :hungry:
I can now look forward to using and smelling my soap when it arrives...Hurrah!
Perfectly timed :)


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Arrived this morning.
Nice big tub!
First shave in. Nice pleasant scent, on the mild side in terms of strength.
The lather is top quality; as thick as you could possibly need and as slick as any thing I've tried.
This is a superb soap. Thanks @Nishy and ATG :okay: