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Good evening, I have spoken to Manuel from Jabonman soaps and he has agreed to produce an LE soap for ATG.

Jabonman soaps are exceptional products, with excellent cushion and slickness. Many who have tried or own this brand are of the same opinion. I personally place this brand in my top 5 all time soaps. Premium tallow is the base we shall be using. Thought to be the best that Manuel offers.
Excellent slickness and a thick yoghurt like cushion.
In terms of scent, we will be alluding to Aqua Di Gio; fresh, crisp and clean masculine cologne.

Price should be no more than 25 euros with a shipping cost of 9.15 euros (up to 500g or 2 units). 12.70 euros outside Europe.

So if interested please add your name to the list below. No geographical limitations. One per person.

Thank you.

1. @Nishy PAID
2. @bandito PAID
4. @YomD PAID
5. @AndyC PAID
6. @Acer89
7. @Burgundy
8. @p.b PAID
9. @Len PAID
10. @Rowlers PAID
11. @Nico1970 PAID
12. @54gasp PAID
13. @AlexNoodles PAID
14. @zealshaver PAID
15. @Mr_Smartepants PAID
17. @Navarrsky PAID
19. @pjgh
20. @Dipesh PAID
21. @dowsing PAID
22. @Steve Bowles PAID
23. @ceekee
24. @shynt PAID
25. @flashashton27 PAID
26. @Quique PAID
27. @jpshaver PAID
28. @muelex PAID
29. @jaycey
30. @aclf101 PAID
31. @missingskin PAID
32. @ronindug PAID
33. @Lann PAID
34. @neko
35. @Sid James PAID
36. @llalm PAID
37. @mr. smith PAID
40. @daveinsweethome PAID
41 @scottb7862 PAID
42. @The Gentleman PAID
43. @forestfield PAID
44. @Dodrew
46. @Theyack PAID
47. @Tennessee Dave
48. @BrewCity_Shaver
49. @Nathanael

How to order from Manuel:
Paypal payment at
In the subject of the message please put: ATG + Name of the buyer, this way I can locate them better in the inbox.
In the body of the message, you can put the address, with the data arranged in lines, so I find it quicker to copy and print the tags with the destination.

If using PayPal via mobile you only have a message field so I have put ATG plus name name at the top and the address below as should be printed on the shipping label.

Cost of the soap (inc shipping) is 29.30 Euros to Europe (on current rates: £17.22 soap + £8.01 shipping)
32.85 Euros outside Europe

Shipping will begin early next week.
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This sounds like a goer to me! Have you discussed the base yet? Regular, Premium, Tallow, other Tallow...?


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Not as yet my friend. Once we reach the minimum orders required we can go into details. It will be the best possible base available.


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Interested, dependent on scent.

1. Nishy
2. Bandito
3. MPH
4. Holyzeus
5. AndyC
6. Acer89
7. Burgundy
8. p.b
9. Len

Haven't ever tried Jabonman before. Heard many good things. Where can the standard offerings be bought?